The TitanCast

The Phantastic Sagas of PSVR2 and PSO2

March 09, 2023 The Saturn Junkyard Season 1 Episode 43
The TitanCast
The Phantastic Sagas of PSVR2 and PSO2
Show Notes

In this episode, join Camron and Brian as they recount their ongoing sagas with PSO2: New Genesis and PlayStation VR2. To start, Camron dives right into the current state of PSO2: New Genesis before taking a step back to discuss how newcomers (or old PSO fans) might approach the game today, followed by some Panzer Dragoon Saga and Like a Dragon/Yakuza 7 discourse. In the episode's second half (starting at 1:04:30), Brian gives a detailed rundown of his early experiences with the PlayStation VR2 and impressions of how the hardware and its launch games deliver compared to the original PSVR, with several detours along the way.

Discussed in this episode: PSO2 New Genesis (start of podcast), PlayStation VR2, Rez: Infinite, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Shenmue, Tiger (?!), Gran Turismo 7, The Light Brigade, Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge, Resident Evil: Village, Kayak VR, Fantavision 20XX, PSVR1, Hitman: The World of Assassination the mortality of video game hardware, and more.

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